Unused, Unfamiliar

People usually don’t like an unfamiliar place, device, and even design. So, I started to think about making people do unfamiliar things. My first thinking is left hand and right-hand person. Usually, almost mouse shape is focused on right-hand users. I have left hand person but I was changed from parents when I was young. So I remember, it was very tough even I was young. I was always confused which one is right and left. After then, almost part, I am using my right hand. But the funny thing is I am still using my left hand some part which I learned without my parents. Even I was the left-hand user, if I try to use my right hand when I writing, it’s not comfortable. So I realized, environment and practice can be changed people’s tendency.


Another example unfamiliar visual, people prefer to see familiar looks. As you can see the couple, you can see they are similia each other. People are easy to have interesting if they see someone who looks similar. Simply, big company, popular brand don’t want to change their brand color and logo. There are some Statistically, If people see totally different color and shape of the logo, they don’t want to buy the product even it is the same product. You can test to compare with old and new logo brand. Below are some examples.













As you can see, the brand changed their logo very subtle.



Instagram had many issues when they changed totally different color. At that time, graduation color is crude color. So designer doesn’t want to use gradation at that time. But from 2016 gradation color is the big trend in design trend.

Based on these stories, first time, people don’t want to accept the new easily. But after sometimes, people unwittingly are adapted new environment. So I’d like to summarize, first time, people feel the discomfort of new, but after sometimes, people adapt to use them.


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