/ 10.04.2017


“exploring a narrative while using image recognition and targets. You can augment an illustration or bring to life an interaction from the plot. Feel free to recreate a portion of a story or even create your own. Tell us a tale.”
One of my favorite books is The little prince, even though the story is short and very simple, it makes me think a lot. Moreover, I love their minimal illustrate style. This story might be given to me many inspirations for Magic window class. So, if it is possible, I’d like to extend this concept until final.
Using Unity and Vuforia is the first time, so I got struggled to use them. So, this week assignment is more about practicing the programs. My idea of expression is adding the layers, so, I combined 2D animated background and 3D semi-animated object. It is still unfamiliar to use programs, so it took many times.
Below is final documentation.





The issue is background screen is not enough to clear and reflected. And still couldn’t find how to export animated fbx file for Unity.





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