/ 10.02.2017



  • Choose a form of discomfort (choose one of the four forms, and get more specific from there)
  • Identify a goal that could be reached through this discomfort
  • Identify a design approach (must be different than Journey #1) that can utilize your chosen form of discomfort.
  • Prototype a “journey” using that approach, toward the goal, through the chosen form of discomfort.




I am interested in Using Fast Interactions to Create Intense Experiences”, Steve Benford et. al. It was great inspiration article for me to this project. Usually, when I focus on working or studying, I couldn’t hear anything. I prefer not to listen music when I complicated work or study.  So my idea of discomfort is giving information with multiple pieces of sounds. This test seems like an extreme test, but I think exaggerated expression makes people more understanding easy so I decided this test.






Visually, sounds both are disturbing to concentrate one.



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