/ September.12th. 2017

“Find a live or synchronous site or platform online. Try it out. Describe it on your blog. How is it used? What do you find interesting about it? Come to class prepared to discuss.


In the class, we discussed the differences between “Live” and “Non-live”. Nowadays, there are many similar platforms live and non-live platforms on the internet. I’m going to introduce Web TV channel which is similar to Youtube in Korea. The name is “Afreeca TV” it is a P2P technology-based video streaming service. This platform is Live flatform. AfreecaTV, the site mainly re-transmits TV channels but also allows users to upload their own videos and shows. Functions such as broadcasting, viewing, channel listing, live chatting, and discussion boards are provided. Users are required to install ‘Afreeca Player’ for grid delivery. Independent broadcasters called Broadcasting Jockeys(BJs) deliver live broadcasts to viewers, who can add them to their list of favorite channels using an Afreeca player too. Some channels have tens of thousands of viewers at any given time. Paid services such as quick views or channels relays allow BJs additional sources of revenue.

The platform itself ranges anywhere from TV broadcasts, live video game broadcasts, taxi driver monitoring, artist performances,[3] and personal daily-life video blogs and shows for actresses and professional broadcasters. On September 27, 2012, afreecaTV English was released on the Google Play Store.

It was actually very small live video web site before. But I have started to think about what makes people enjoy this live web. And how it becomes broad TV channel website.These are very casual live channels and there is so many specific lists channel. So there are many options people can enjoy and feel together with another people who have same tastes at the same time. As watching their behavior at the live channel with another people, people can feel vicarious satisfaction and sense of kinship. Users don’t need to use their real name, as an anonymity, people can express their feeling freer. This might be one of the reasons people keep using this live web channel too. Easily, nowaday, I can see these kinds of website or group channel. Still, this is my question-mark, what’s the exact key point of popular.










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