Body_human centric design




/ Explore notions of embodiment + physicality | create an “object” that relates to these explorations


I spent many times to sit on the chair for working. When I work, I feel painful of neck and shoulder. After times, it spreads to my headache and eye aches too. And then these pains stop me to working and laid on the bed. It feels unproductive. So to me, the chair is the most important thing when I work. There are many beautiful chairs in the world, but I think it should have designed for the human body because chair effects to body pose directly. So I tried to start designing chair roughly fits on body shape.  Below is prototype of chair.




This chair has the sensor and it will track the human bone if the body bone is not correct pose, it will push people to sit correct pose. Thanks to this, people know correct pose, and then they can work without body pains. and after some times it will also let people know stretching time because staying same position for a long time is not good for the body too.



As you know, the human body is not simple, maybe I can’t design the chair without knowledge of the human body. Usually, people think design is only for looking good or beautiful, but Ithere are reasons and designer really cares about humans body. I knew it but I realized again.








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