/ 04.04.2017

On article of material, materiality,  it material is defined as “things that are material,” which emphasizes the physical aspect of things; on the other hand, it means “(in various non-physical applications) something which can be worked up or elaborated, or of which anything is composed.” The second definition can be better understood through its relationship to the first definition that, again, can be differentiated into two major meanings: 1) something material is that which “pertains to a matter as opposed to form”; 2) that which “pertains to matter or body; formed or consisting of matter; corporeal.” [1]  Thus, although material designates physical matter, it also assumes potential from its association with non-physical matter.


Actually, I started this work first and then I read this article. Before reading this article, I was wondering my way of solution is correct or not. But when I read this article, my solution is also able to material.





/ Butter with heat

I decide abstract material it means not tangible material. Before heating butter has shape but when I add heats it lost shape. So in this case, material is temperature.





/ Water with Marshmallow

In this case of the material is water. I expect to melt faster than I thought, it was not. So I couldn’t show perfect meting processing, but still you can see little bit melted.






I tired to think about different way of solving this subject, so I got idea of different style of material. Maybe it can’t be material up to perspective, but my perspective view is adding something to some materials and happening and creating something new, I think it can be new material. So I decided to chemical material.







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