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/ 03. 26. 2017






/ As I mentioned before, my concept of the midterm is about      adventuring new word.

Below is the link :




For expressing this concept for short time, I just decided to pick up one scene of this story. First of the screen is showing nature of the world for expressing peaceful, and then you can see one woman is look around the world on the bridge. This huge bridge is connected between the city (New York) that she lived before (not peaceful) and peace world. Even she is standing peace world she doesn’t recognize the what the peace is. She seems like get scared.


/ Difficulties using Unreal on the Mac.

I was working on my desktop which is Mac, I thought, it is enough to play with Unreal program. Not only I am not familiar with this program but also there were many issues, I had struggled with creating this project. In the Mac, this file is huge, so it was not working well, and importing the character also doesn’t work. I thought, I used wrong this program. But when I use school’s computer(PC), it was working well.


/ What I didn’t satisfy.

#1. Probably there is another way to record the video, seems   smooth and much clear. But I don’t know how to use the camera, so I used screen recording instead of Unreal camera. That’s why screen was pixelated, and low quality. So still my final video is not perfect.


#2. Continuing character’s motion. I don’t have knowledge of using Unreal program yet, so, I could’t solve of connecting different motions. So I should have to cut between each motions.











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