/ 03. 10. 2017


My concept of application is showing the world via VR device. Using 360 view people can feel of the real world or it can be make people remind their traveling memory. This idea start point is my experience. Before traveling Paris with mother, need to know environment of hotel for staying and being familiar with new space, so, I used Google earth. Thanks to Google earth, I can find hotel easily, and it was helpful for traveling. From this experience, I start to brainstorm to have fresh idea of application.
Below is brainstorming.





First of all, for knowing the safety area, commute and space where I will travel I found myself using “Google Earth. Second of all, I’d like to record my memory of traveling, I took many pictures and video. Watching small screen I couldn’t feel realistic, realized I only see the box of the frame. So, kind of these my thoughts, I started to think about VR application for feeling the real world. After stepping by step, my idea was extended. If I can feel under the sea, or in the sky via VR, it would be amazed. Go pro is one of the device can show people any world. Summarized these ideas, 360i application can upload any video and pictures from any device, people can feel alive memories. My project time line is until final, so now still seems like processing. Even not completed, I am uploading where I am.




And below link is my first wire frame of this app.

360i_Mobile APP_WireFrame




Here is where I am now.





Spending many times for finding map API because ‘Google map’ stylizing is limited. So I used D3js for map, and next step is connect between map and google street view. Using html, CSS, jQuery and D3js is first time, learning code and working project on same time is hart to manage time. However, through this project, feels like being familiar with code.




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