Sustainable Energy





/ Keep a log of all your “waste” and propose alternatives to your consumption/waste patterns.



Every morning, I always drink coffee which is Nespresso Capsule coffee because it is fast, tasty and very comfortable to use. After drinking coffee, there are so many capsules in my trash bag. Fortunately, nowadays, they have recycling system, and also “Nespresso” store is located near from my house, I am easy to be able to recycle these capsules.  Below is their recycling system.




















/ What is “energy”? Create a piece that communicates your relationship to energy.



My relationship to energy is effects. I got inspirations from surround people, and learning, having experience or sometimes getting hurt from people. I think effect is the most strongest energy so, I’d like to express effect. Expressing effect, I used several colors. By using mixing colors,  I’d like to describe wide scope of the effect meanings. Visually, different colors are mixed and then changed one color. One dimensionally, different colors have influence each other. When I drop one color on the water, you can see water and color conflict first time. But after times, it spreads in evenly and looks like one. Like mixing colors, between people thoughts, conversation, inspiration and environment have a effect each other. And then, it creating something new but not totally different new. It is easy to explain using color. For example, if I mix yellow and red, orange color will be created. But if I add red more, it seems more red orange color. Between people also similar. Who has strong character, idea, thoughts, it will effect to another person. For expressing abstract word, I used color mix.











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