Final_Twitter Bot




/ 03. 01. 2017


My Final Tweeter Bot concept is all for me. What this meaning is, usually, I used to using Twitter for getting informations, news and trends. But during the class, we learned about creating Bot which is Twitter robot automatically tweet on the Twitter.  Be honest, some of Twitter Bot I couldn’t understand why they are created. Probably, for understanding Twitter I need to search more deeply. For entertainment art, or giving informations is totally understand but another Twitter Bots make me feel difficult. So, for my perspective, I’d like to make helpful Twitter Bot like as alarming. I am person who doesn’t want to read many letters of articles and books. But I know reading book is the most important. So improving reading habit, try to make helping robot. In New York Times, there is Book Review on every Saturday in the New York times paper. Reading Book Review doesn’t take many times to read. So I decided to start to read Book Review every week. I got API and JSON from New York Times Website.





First time, it has bugging, so same book review was uploaded. After revising code with classmate, it works well. Thanks to this Bot, maybe I would use Twitter for getting Book Review information. After finishing this work, I realized there is already New York Times Book Review Twitter. If I have chance to create Twitter Bot again, I’d like to make something unique helpful Twitter Bot.







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