Week4_Queen &King

/ 02.22.2017






I used  to use 3DMax program before, so I try to develop from before work. Our team theme is Queen & King so I decided to create castle environment. I got inspired form Taj Mahal, so I create center of main castle seems like Taj Mahal.  I exported FBX file without texture rendering. And I was not sure about the size, and wonder how big it is. I am excited to see developed my old work in the VR view. Next my step is learning Cinema 4D but, still I could not get program yet.



/Tilt Brush


I explored “Tilt Brush” it was very cool because I can feel the depth of the layer and object.  To me, this brush style seems like more drawing and water color layer feeling.  But I prefer clean and sharp shape of the object, so I didn’t use Tilt brush for this week  assignment.  But tilt brush gave to me dramatic feeling of the style, so it was very attractive and when I move from front view to side view I could see layer and depth, it grab my eyes. i would like to try tilt brush for creating drawing feeling or nature environment.














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