/ 02.08.2017


I explore Unreal Engine for this week, there are already well made projects. Still, it’s not comfortable to use mouse for this new program for me. I decided “Sun Temple” game epic. This environment is what I expected for my project. I prefer to fantasy environment for example movie of “The ring of the Lord”. When I explored this, I’d like to see different angle of the view but I couldn’t find the camera location, so I have struggled.




It feels like playing game even there were no character, cause all my view was control from the mouse. I was used to play game “Final Fantasy” when I was child, probably, that’s why it is very familiar to me.



But, I don’t prefer to make game in this VR class, I hope to make fantasy movie environment cause when I watch fantasy movie, I wanted to get inside. I believe, people also want to walk around and experience in the movie. Disney land is one of same feeling of realistic movie environment. Even, adult also enjoy the Disney land, that means people want to experience something fantasy environment.

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