Henry or Dear Angelica




/ 02.01.2017



Before coming class, I have experiences of using VR before, so I am glad to take this class this semester. In first class, I watched Henry with VR.  Thanks to VR, I can really focus to movie well and feels like connecting with character closely. Sound effect also made me get inside. When I wore the VR, I can look around the environment and am see the detail things because usually, movie is showed from director perspective view.



I have two different thoughts about this perspective view. First of all, advantage is I can see what I want to see in the movie. What I am talking about is even the story is going on, I can focus another object or another character.  The other hand, I might miss some story or some scenes and I can’t feel other people’s perspective view and different sense. So, it can be advantage and disadvantage.



Both are animation, so I’d like to see realistic visual VR video. VR can give dramatic visual feeling to me so, if visual is much realistic or fantasy it should be awesome.  I am so excited to learn more about VR and happy to take this class. I’d like to make some application for showing all over the world view with 360 camera or I’d like to make fantasy working for VR for giving joyful to people.





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