Without my phone for a few hours



/ 01.31.2017. Tuesday


I had an experience to spend time without my phone. Actually, I forgot taking my phone. I realized on the way to class, so couldn’t  go back to home for taking my phone. First time, I was little bit nervous because of messages and e-mails. However, after few hours, I got feeling of freedom. But, habitually, I was looking for my phone, especially, waiting someone, subway or elevator. It felt weird to do nothing when I was waiting something. And feels like wasting time. After few minutes, I started to think about my work, families, friends and my life. After experiencing this, I got many thoughts. Usually, people thought electronic devices bring to us saving time and increasing quality of life. I agree this thought before having this experience, but after this, electronic devices might make life decrease the quality and limit people’s think. Of course, thanks to good electronic devices, we are spending comfortable life and saving time, but the other hand, we might lose something else which we didn’t recognize.





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