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• Description of Concept

I and Jade have similar personality like introvert. When we discuss idea, we realized we prefer similar style and idea. We have interest of human relationship, from this perspective, we got idea of facial expression. Usually, when people see each other in small space, they got be embarrassed. We started our idea from this, we were curious about how people change their facial expression when
they have this situation.




So, our concept is when people change their facial expressions, some different patterns are happening on the bottom of the screen. And also people can see the connection through the hologram. Furthermore, using whole mirrors inside the box, people can feel dreamy feeling from them. Our purpose is expressing the beautiful relationship even people met first time. And also, we considered outerior design. For grabbing people’s eye, and showing interaction between each people, installed two distance sensors and LED strap. If two people close to this box, LED color is getting spread to turn on. One side is cold color, the other side is warm color. As showing different temperature colors, people can see two different people use this box far from our work. And for recognizing people facial expression, we used two web cam.


We had user testing during the class, there were several interesting comments and reactions. Some people loved this embarrassed situation, but some people felt uncomfortable. First time, we used small box for user testing cause there is not big enough box for our test and we also just wanted to see people’s reaction.


/This is the box for user test



Good thing was, people just started to have curious about our two wholes of box. And we got diverse comments from them. Thanks to user test, we got ideas and can develop our works. Their comments were below.

• Box is so small, concern about bed breathing.
• Some people are too shy to see each other.
• If there is no partner, how to use.


There were more comments, but almost comments sound similar. So, from this comments, we decided to create little bit bigger box and think about solutions. In Fabrication problem was if we use screen it will be burned around the box because box will be made by woods. So, we decided to use touch screen. Thanks to touch screen, we don’t need to cooler for screen.







/ Making blueprint for Boxblueprint1blueprint2







/ Buying wood at “Metropolitan Lumber & Hardware
-175 Spring St, New York, NY 10012buyingwookd






/ Creating the boxcreatingbox1creatingbox2






/ Design the out of the box
-Soldering LED Strap for out of box






/ Testing Hologram









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