My concept is recording my memories what I want to remember. It is good timing to start ITP, so it might be ITP school life recording. Got an inspiration for ‘Recorder’ which is possible to replace music LP. Sort of this idea, will draw memories by motion illustration. Illustration also has concept, starting to silhouette monotone motion image, 2D image, 2D image with color and then 3D printing figure. I just started to draw before coming ITP time. I spent my time to travel around San Fransisco, France, Japan(Kyoto) and now New York before starting school. Below you can see each countries symbolic icons.




It should be seemed like below gif file image.


When I create Zeotrope, had difficult time to use motor because I didn’t know sort of motors and what I need to extra. I should have considered Mirror weight and motor size. I designed out box and Arduino box first, so when I changed motor, I was panic to fit in the box. Furthermore, for making octagon cone for reflection mirror, need to use 3D printing. I’ve never used 3D printing and Rhino, so it took many times. And I realized, 3D printer is too slow to print big object out. Octagon took 12hours.



/ 3D Printing for Octagon Cone







/ Laser Cutting for box








/ Final





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