“BloodChild”_Octavia Bultler

/ 09.18.2016

This audio project is teams of two and gotten inspired from Blood Child by Octavia Bultler. My partner is Yuan who is my chines classmate, I was excited to work together because wonder her perspective view and thoughts. We discussed this story many times but be honest we don’t like kind of this science fiction. During discussing, we decided not to focus only story timeline. For creating unique sound, we tried to think bright and positive, and we wouldn’t like to express only dark sound. By escaping from real story timeline, we can think about T’gatoi’s mood. Finally we got concept which is focusing character’s mood and feeling.

• Try to listen and feel T’Gatoi’s mood

We are using door’s opening and closing sound in intro and end part for expressing his feeling. Below is his feeling changes


In his childhood, very peaceful with his family so we recorded merry-go-round sound with noise for describing old sound. In surgery section, using shouting and scary sounds express shocking and panic situation. For expressing fighting part, it was so hard to record crashing, some scratching, and broken sounds. Usually it doesn’t happen around us,so we were searching on the web and using. Actual our idea was, looking for scratching on blackboard, but we couldn’t find even black board. Last part which is accepting this weird giving birth, we used peace and calm melody, but little bit sad because we thought T’gatoi feels sad. Kind of this birth is not correct way, but some people accept to use alien for giving birth. Probably, even though he accept this method, he felt desperate.

This project is big challenge for me cause I’ve never worked only sound work by using zoom recorder and audition. The most difficult thing is I imagined some sound but couldn’t find and finding to download free music was hard. Thanks to Yuan, she’ve got free some musics so we could work easily. If I have another challenge for creating sounds, I would like to create little bit more abstract sound.

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