/ Week1. Assignment


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Create my own screen drawing: Self-Portrait, Alien, Monster, etc. Use 2D primitive shapes arc(), curve(), ellipse(), line(), point(), quad(), rect(),triangle() – and basic color functions – background(), colorMode(), fill(),noFill(), noStroke(), stroke(). Remember to use createCanvas() to specify the dimensions of your window and wrap all of your code inside a setup() function.




/  Idea sketch



This is first time to draw by coding. Enjoyed to draw even thought I couldn’t express freely. It was hard to make fit on the canvas, and I repeated to write down and erase the number of location again and again. Don’t know coding well yet, that’s why I did unnecessary typing and couldn’t draw same as my idea sketch. I think there is another way to draw easily. What I really love p5.js is, I can see images immediately, when I am typing code.

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