What is Interaction?

In junior winter vacation, I need to decide specific major in Graphic design. There were branding, motion graphic and interactive design. I heard interactive design part will be getting important and bigger and bigger. I was curious what interaction is. However, at that time, don’t know what interaction exact meaning is. Searched a lot in dictionary but couldn’t understand perfectly. I thought, it is only application in smart phone. After then, I have chance to take Arduino workshop. After this workshop, totally understand what the interactive design means.

I would define, interaction is connection. It is easy to find interaction around us easily. For example, playing tennis can be interaction, conversation, sports and computer etc. I thought interaction is modern word and only applied to digital world but it’s not. It is kind of cause and effect. Through reading “Books24x7”, it describes interaction meanings well. So, I had good time to make sure interaction definition.

Through physical computing,  it will be helpful what interaction is deeply.




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