The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism_Jonathan Lethem’s

As soon as seeing “Plagiarism”, “Imitation” word is occurred in my mind because I have worked as a designer . I’ve seen “copy right” and “all Rights Reserved” mentioned on designer’s website. Also, I’ve read big issue of copyrights between famous designer “Jessica Walsh” and  big clothes company “ZARA”. Plagiarism is sensitive to artist and in fact, it used to be big issue between artists, I saw many suing each other. I kept reading this article while comparing my perspective view and this article’s author viewpoint.

People have usually been influenced another people unconsciously. Also, people are influenced around environment. When I design, I am also influenced design trends and sometimes, some good designs remained in my brain, so I recreated design based on original design unconsciously. My question is kind of this happening is that I can say I got inspired from good designers. Sometimes, I was confused whether doing similar design is influenced design or not. I always wonder how degree of permission is allowed. However, this article’s author almost always open to write some degree of homage, or trying to adopt or import a part of another writer’s style into what author’s doing. His opinion is being consciously influenced is good direction. But still don’t know what boundary is. Author states different categories stories. Through them, I wonder how people think about his thoughts.

After finishing reading this article, I felt uncomfortable, and still have many questions. I can understand what author says about, but to me, plagiarism is still sensitive part of discussion.

it’s a really sensitive issue! which is why it makes for a good discussion.
there’s so many issues, including compensation, inspiration, critique, and power imbalances.

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