Her Long Black Hair_Janet Cardiff

/ 09.10.2016.Saturday


Hesitated to go out because it was hot and humid weather. I just read “Janet Cardiff’s her long black hair” down with tracks in my house for testing. Tried to imagine how I will get feeling about this project. Her voice is calm and it gave to me midnight feeling.

In Central Park, I turned on her project again in the exact place. It was totally different feeling from my house. And, I’ve never gotten this feeling from Central Parks for past 5years.To me, it feels like watching vintage stop motion. Probably, humid weather made my view unclear that’s why I got vintage view. And when I concentrated her voice I just look down and looked up, that’ why I also felt it was stop motion view. Interested things are sounds and my views were different. For instance, in the track, speaker described that the woman was making a call, but in the Central Park, couple were kissing on the bench. First time, I was laughing, but when it happened again and again, got scary even though it was sunny day. Maybe, I thought walking with speaker on same time and space, but we had different view, it got me chaos and scary.

Sounds are so clear. So I was confused which sound is real and tracks. Specifically, recorded sounds have directions. Feels like some sounds are from behind and some another sounds are far from me. Thanks to her project, I learned how to record in the future. And wonder how she record sounds clear and real. Furthermore, inserting her calling with friend was impressed.

During the project, got questions and solutions. And I got inspirations I’ve never had. The most impact thing is only the sounds can makes people feel watching movie.



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